The Resilience Lessons Digest is at the core of a programme of work being undertaken at the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College (EPC) to synthesise lessons identified from major exercises and emergencies. The aim of this publication is to support and develop learning capabilities within and across responder organisations, government departments and wider resilience partners.

Working in collaboration with the Civil Contingencies Secretariat, JESIP’s Joint Organisational Learning Team and other existing platforms, the Resilience Lessons Digest will draw on a wide range of relevant resources to support the timely analysis and sharing of transferable lessons at local, regional and national levels. It is rooted in valid, government approved methodologies and committed to delivering significant applied value in practice, creating a shared space for professional insights and examples of good practice in individual, organisational and multi-agency learning.

It showcases distributed knowledge and professional insight from responder organisations, academia and industry domains to drive continual improvement by enhancing the implementation of lessons into UK doctrine, standards, training and exercising.

Readers can expect a vibrant publication with engaging case studies, applied lesson sharing and signposting to a range of resilience resources.

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