Tools and templates started out as an experiment to see whether you would find a use for the illustrations and diagrams, models and tools that we include in our courseware.

Thank you for liking these so much. We have been so encouraged by the widespread use of these tools and templates, that we are now regularly adding to the collection.

If you like what you see, please also share this facilities with colleagues and tell us how you are finding use for these through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

We haven't lost our marbles!

Although we think they are great, professional and contemporary-styled products, we know you don’t train with the EPC just because we design good graphics. It is the overall quality of our training that matters, and especially its delivery by great trainers who can bring the subject to life. That’s why we can confidently share tools like this and we will continue to do so, if your feedback suggests it is going to continue to be of value to you.