Our portfolio of Crowd and Event Safety courses are designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed by people responsible for the safety and security of public events and of venues that attract crowds.

The portfolio (which includes an externally accredited course targeted at events management professionals), covers: 

  • Awareness-level information for those that need a general understanding of the crowd and event safety world; 

  • Training on the design, development and safe delivery of a public event for those that are responsible for event safety management; 

  • Tools and techniques for crowd management; 

Safety Advisory Groups are a vital part of the event planning landscape. The EPC publishes good practice guidance of the functioning of an effective safety advisory group and runs training for those whose role involves chairing or being a member of a group.  We also provide training for people with event licencing responsibilities. 

The EPC follows the common resilience mantra of “prepare for anything not everything” and most of our courses provide the knowledge and skills to deal with the consequences of an emergency, whatever the cause. But in the crowd and event safety portfolio, we run specific training on protecting crowded places from malicious and malign activity. 


Crowd and Event Safety Courses


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